FM Certified Glasbord®

FM Certified Glasbord® , fibreglass reinforced panels, meet the highest safety & quality standards.

Surfaseal® Surface Coating

It’s pore free Surfaseal® surface is easy to clean, while being an impact and corrosion resistant coating.

FM Certified Product

FM certified products undergo rigorous testing & are subject to audits at any time. These fibreglass reinforced panels offer the highest safety.

FM Certified Glasbord® is attractive & comes in a range of colours.

Glasbord®, by Crane Composites Inc and distributed by Hydewa, is an innovative glass-fibre, reinforced, synthetic resin with a pore-free surface. Hydewa supply customers throughout Europe with bespoke, high quality, hygiene solutions that are hard-wearing, easy to clean and install while being aesthetically pleasing.

Glasbord® supplies a top hygiene solution due to its prevention in the formation of condensation and mould while disabling the adhesion of germs and bacteria. Its unique, pore-free Surfaseal® surface is easy to clean while being impact and corrosion resistant and demonstrates high stability on exposure to acids and alkalis.

Glasbord® is FM certified, meaning it fits specific requirements in terms of product safety reliability and integrity. FM certified products undergo rigorous testing and are subject to audits at any time, particularly with regard to fire performance or smoke-sensitive occupancies (e.g. Pharmaceutical, Food Processing etc).

Fire resistant fibreglass reinforced panels (commonly referred to as glass board) are a much safer alternative to standard wall cladding in many industrial instances. The additional corrosion resistant coatings on these products allow for the highest protection specifications on the market. Fire proof wall cladding and, in general, fireproof building materials are now the go-to products for many industry sectors today.

Additionally, many insurance companies dealing with certain industry sectors, FM certified products are a requirement as opposed to a choice & with good reason.

FM Certified Glasbord®

Fibreglass Reinforced Panels

Main Features:

  • Hygienic
  • FM Certified
  • Unique Surfaseal® pore-free surface
  • Impact & corrosion-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant

Suitable Uses Include:

  • Food Production Areas
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Catering
  • Clean rooms
  • Wet rooms

Glasbord® Colour Samples

Glasbord® | White
Glasbord® | Colonial White
Glasbord® | Ivory
Glasbord® | Beige
Glasbord® | Silver
Glasbord® | Pearl Grey
Glasbord® | Blue
Glasbord® | Black